Roundup on spring sports

Girl’s Soccer

The girls soccer team has kicked off their season to a great start. Despite losing two games at the beginning of the season, the team recently won a game against the 5th ranked team in the area.

Senior and team captain Kathryn Dullerud said, “I think that from the beginning we’ve improved so much (…) we can see where our goals are and we know how we can meet them.”

Dullerud said the team is “pretty small this year”. This can be a disadvantage since they have less subs but it’s also good for team bonding. The team is also fairly young this year, with only 4 seniors but Dullerud said that “[the freshman] are all really enthusiastic about playing” and there is lots of younger potential.

The team’s goal for the season is to beat STM because they have been Uni’s hardest competitor in the past. Dullerud noted that they also want to work on building their “passing game” and finding their structure. Catch the team at these next games:

4/07→10:00 vs. Central Catholic High School @ Florida and Lincoln

4/10→4:30 vs. Judah @ Florida and Lincoln   


Girl’s/ Boy’s Track:

The high school track team has had a great season so far, with seven indoor meets under their belt. Most of the team has already gotten PR’s and are hoping to continue improving for state.

Faizah Rauther said since she is the only sophomore girl on distance, she has gotten the chance to bond with her upperclassmen and underclassmen teammates while going on long runs. As a result, Rauther has become really close to the other members of the distance squad.  

“The team goal is trying to get as many people as we can to state” said Rauther. “The track team is doing a great job so far and seems like many people will be going to state this year,” commented Rauther. Catch the team at these upcoming meets:

4/10→4:30 @ PBL

413→4:30 @ Unity (Girls only)

4/17→4:30 @ Fisher   


Boy’s Tennis:

The boys tennis team is causing a racquet this season. So far this season they have won their first match and hope to continue their winning streak.

“Last season we won all of our matches so we (…) want to do that again,” said Junior Samir Gray.

Gray commented that the team also wants to send more students to state. Senior Van Gunderson and Junior Sam Li, who are captains of the team this year, both went to state last year. Gray said the team wants to try to send six people, the most people possible, to state this year.

The team has lots of young talent this year. Gray noted that the freshman were especially good this year, making it more competitive to get into the top six on the team. Freshman Akash Pardeshi says that there is a good chance the team will go to state this year. Catch the team at these next games:

4/07→8:00 @ Bloomington High School

4/10→4:00 vs. STM @ Atkins Tennis Center