Vice Versa and Spring Fling dances are cancelled this year

SFAC freshman representative Maher Adoni has gone on the record stating that, as of right now, there will be no spring dances for the rest of this year, except for Prom.

“As far as I, Maher Adoni, freshman SFAC representative knows, there will be no Vice-Versa dance and no Spring Fling. There are no spring dances, [besides prom] planned or allowed for the rest of the semester.”

Senior class president Umar Hanif backed up Adoni’s claims, saying that this is because “there is not enough time before Spring Break to have a dance when Vice Versa would have been, and there is not enough available space after Spring Break to have Spring Fling.”

The freshmen are divided on the issue, with some people saying they don’t care and others saying they do.

“It kind of sucks. Since we have over a quarter left, it would be kind of weird if we did not have any more dances,” says freshman Catherine Guo.

However, freshman Elliot Gengler says, “It does not affect me. I was not planning on going to any dances. I do not feel the need to go to dances.”

The juniors, on the other hand, seem to be either neutral or upset about the lack of dances, with junior Ana Rosu saying, “I am neutral on this. I am not super disappointed or super happy.”

Meanwhile, junior Mac Anderson emphasizes the unfairness of this decision considering the Uni climate, stating that “[For] one, that is bogus because it is a social event and we do not have a lot of those. Two, it is a fundraiser for the classes so we can do activities and class apparel. It is also a stress reliever especially during times when we have tests. It is something to look forward to.”