First day for new counselor

Uni’s new counselor, Donzell Lampkins, is starting his first day Dec. 18. He did his undergrad at Eastern Illinois University in communications and did his masters in social work at the University of Illinois. When he was asked at an open Q&A session why he was applying for this position, his reply was that he was “most satisfied working with students overcoming shyness, test anxiety, receiving a progress report, and students getting involved in school.” He added that he “felt fulfilled in those moments of achievement.”

Lampkins also explained that as a counselor he wanted to discuss things that aren’t often talked about, such as mental health. He said he wanted to “get people in tune with how they feel emotionally, providing them with the tools they need to manage their mental health.”

He shared some ideas regarding the discussion of  social justice as well, including incorporating conversations about it into various school subjects, and hosting informational sessions that “provide dialogue and education for social justice issues.”

At the Q&A session, many light-hearted questions regarding his hobbies and favorite movies were asked as well. Lampkins shared that he enjoyed swimming, watching lifestyle YouTube videos, and spending time with his family and friends. When asked a hypothetical of being stranded on an island with only 3 movies or TV shows that he could watch, he chose Grey’s Anatomy, Titanic, and Salt.

Lampkins’ first week coincides with finals, so he plans on “assisting where needed, which includes helping with the evening study session, ” and getting students through this hectic and stressful part of the year.