New Season, New Coach

Michelle Kim, Writer

The new girls basketball season is just around the corner, bringing changes like different uniforms and another coach.

Brad Wilson is the new head coach. He is from Homer, Illinois and has coached junior high girls and high school boys before. However, he has implemented new rules, which have received negative feedback.

This year, the JV and Varsity players are required to purchase matching half-zip warm-ups, shoes, socks, and sweatpants, to which senior Grace Qiu says, “The apparel is expensive and not worth it. It’s extremely unnecessary and in all my years of Uni basketball, I have never been required to match with the team because that is just absurd.”

On the other hand, senior Sarah Matatov says, “I didn’t really like that he made us buy specific stuff, but I imagine if we were freshman and only had to buy it once it would be okay.”

Despite the negative responses, there has been positive reactions towards the coach and his coaching style as well. Sophomore Kristine Wang says, “He seems really nice and explains things very thoroughly, and he doesn’t throw shade.”

Senior Ellie Breen says, “I like him! He’s good. He’s chill but not mean either.” With him, Breen believes that “[the team] really can do well at conference.”

With all the changes to the girls basketball team this year, Matatov says she’s “looking forward to the season.” Watch out for the team as they start October 31.