Rundown on the Uni High bulletin boards

For years, Uni has had bulletin boards in the halls and stairwells. For the most part, their origins are a mystery for Uni Students and even some faculty. Many people do not notice the boards. Assistant Director of Student Life Karl Radnitzer has worked at Uni for eight years and many of the bulletin boards have been up for as long as he can remember. “I think they were used for clubs,” he said.

Radnitzer has been talking with some groups about “going around and claiming who owns those bulletin boards and then asking that group to kind of keep it up.”

Umar Hanif, the Senior Class President, suggested that some bulletin boards be used to advertise Uni sporting events to boost school spirit during a Student Council meeting. Student Council already uses one bulletin board between the first and second floors in the north side of the building.

Some of the other bulletin boards are updated regularly. Radnitzer said that “teachers who have them outside their room use them for things.”

Certain bulletin boards, like the Fine Arts bulletin board on the first floor or the Spanish bulletin boards on the third floor, showcase recent student work or upcoming events.

Radnitzer is putting up labels for each bulletin board based on who uses them. Other bulletin board that are not in use can be claimed by talking to Dr. Radnitzer. “Quite frankly, it’s kind of a free-for-all, if anyone wants it,” said Radnitzer.