What are seniors are doing for their senior pics?

Senior pictures are pictures that are sent by seniors to be published in the yearbook. They don’t take school pictures like all the other classes. Instead, they usually have to take their own. Since the deadline to submit senior pictures is coming up, we interviewed six seniors about what they either planned on or what they did for their pictures. 


Arielle Summitt

Who took your senior pictures?

My mom’s friend and Anna Troutt.

Where did you take your photos?

I took them at Meadowbrook park.

What did you wear?

Just a casual dress.

How much do senior photos matter to you?

They kind of matter because I’ve had terrible pictures these past four years and it would be nice to go out with a nice picture.


Maggie Tewksbury

Who did you get to take your senior pictures?

My brother.

Where did you take your photos? 

At my family gathering.

What did you wear?

These shorts [the jean shorts she wore to school], a white shirt that had a lace top.

How much do senior photos matter to you?

I wanted a recent picture that wouldn’t look terrible because my mom is going to frame it in my house and it’s going to be there for the next ten years.


Roma Mehta

Who took your senior pictures?

Larry Kanfer. He takes pictures and does a lot of outdoor stuff.

What did you wear for senior photos?

Jeans and a shirt. I don’t believe in dressing up. I dress like garbage anyways.

Where did you take your photos at?

Some at his studio, and we just drove around and took some outside in grass and other things. I literally took my picture in tall grass kind of like in bug bio.

How much do senior photos matter to you?

I hate pictures so for me it doesn’t really matter, but my parents wanted a nice photo of me to put in the house. They also wanted to post of picture of me on social media. It’s sort of like a family thing.


Darshan Naidu (planning to take his photos)


Who do you plan on taking your photos for you?

My mom has a friend, so we talked to her, and she’s going to take my photos.

Where do you plan on taking your photos?

I don’t really know yet. I just plan on taking them somewhere nice.

What are you planning on wearing?

I think that I will just wear the normal clothes that I am wearing now. I don’t think that I will dress up professionally. Maybe I’ll go shopping.

How much do senior pics matter to you?

The thing about senior pics is that in the long run they don’t matter. I think it’ll just feel nice to have a good picture of me. I think just personally, it’ll be good.


Anupam Sharma 

Who took your senior photos?

I got Larry Kanfer to take mine.


Where did you take your photos?

I took them at the idea garden and at Krannert.

What did you wear?

I was wearing an Indian outfit [at the idea garden], and I wore a suit and tie and jeans at Krannert.

How much do senior pictures matter to you?

None. I couldn’t care. My mom wanted me to do professional stuff so I was like alright.


Vikram Perry

Who took your senior photos?

I just took the school picture.

Why did you just choose to use your school photo?

Because I’m lazy. I didn’t think that I would have time to plan something, and I didn’t know if i was going to hire someone or have my mom take my photos.

How much do senior pictures matter to you?

Vikram: None, I took the school one.