New Uni website coming around winter break

Uni’s website is due for a new look around winter break. The new site is developed by the World Wide Web class, led by computer science teacher Joel Beesley.

Beesley says the new site should “provide a new vision into Uni,” while still serving the current population. It should be exciting and different, but still easy to find relevant information. It will also have more video content than the current site.

The World Wide Web class has eight students in it. A few were in the class last year, but most are new.

Beesley calls the new group “outstanding,” but “trying to get the new staff members acquainted with the site” is a challenge.

One of the hardest things for the new staff members is mastering the version control software that allows them to work on the same project from different computers. Other challenges include making a version for mobile devices and working on the new site while updating the old one.

Senior Nathan Durkin, who is responsible for the Alumni section of the website, agrees.

“It’s a learning process,” Durkin said.

The class’s work isn’t done when the website is released. Durkin said the new website will be a “rough draft,” referring to how the class will make aesthetic changes and fix parts of it after winter break.

They will also add information about events in the second semester like Agora Days and finals schedules.