Submission Guidelines

Letters to the Editor

Letters are meant to be a way for the public to comment on current issues and to facilitate discussion. Letters to the Editor should be concise (under 200 words) and should clearly express your opinion on an article or topic. Comments on articles should avoid commenting on the writers themselves.

Reader Content Submission Policy

The Online Gargoyle accepts content submissions for publication on the Online Gargoyle.

1. Do not submit content to the Online Gargoyle that is not your own work or for which you do not have the rights to distribute.
2. Do not submit your work to the Online Gargoyle if another publisher has exclusive rights to the publication of that work.
3. Content must be appropriate. Do not submit content that portrays explicit sexuality, recreational drug use, or any illicit activities.

4. The Online Gargoyle will review all works submitted. We will contact you if we choose to publish your work.

5. The Online Gargoyle reserves the right to continue or discontinue publication of any submitted work, indefinitely, without notice.

6. The editors encourage submissions about a broad variety of topics, but they will not accept material unfit for publication. The Gargoyle is a tremendous opportunity for students to better express themselves to their peers, and with this opportunity comes the responsibility to use this freedom in a constructive way.

7. All submissions should be sent to