Buck’s revision policy revoked

Recently, Junior Elizabeth Singer created a petition to bring back math teacher Warren Buck’s revision policy. Students learned that the revision policy was no longer in place two weeks ago. Buck declined to answer why his policy was taken away.

Buck’s revision policy allowed students to fix small mistakes if they show they have the big idea. The student discussed their mistakes with him and how to fix them. They then agreed to a number of pushups for the student to do based on the number of mistakes they made.

“The exercise [pushups] (…) was based off the research that indicates that exercise helps to stimulate memory (…) I’m trying to be innovative in how I teach students and how to help them remember mistakes and learn from them and to help them have a growth mindset,” says Buck.  

Singer created the petition to bring the revision policy back and to allow students to express how the revision policy was useful to them and why they liked it.

“I thought change.org was a cool thing (…) if you want to stay anonymous, just sign the petition (…) A lot of people put things that were really meaningful and really cool stories about how it [the revision policy] helped them,” commented Singer.

Students who are in Mr. Buck’s class hope that his revision policy will be brought back.

Junior Nathan Durkin says that now that the revision policy is gone it will “increase the amount of reassessments we have to do for the small mistakes,” that students make on quizzes and tests. Also, some students believe that the revision policy helps them to learn the material better. “I (…) do so much better after I do the revisions on the next exam,” said Singer.  

It is unclear whether Buck’s revision policy will be brought back, but Singer and other students hope that the petition will help.