Students have varied opinions on Uni’s block schedule

Uni’s two year block testing experiment is coming to an end, and in their considerations for their future schedules, they decided to send out a survey.

Students shared their opinions about the school day. Olisa Allanah, a freshman, says that block scheduling is good because you can focus on half your classes’ homework one night, then the other half the next night. Faisal Alturki, a junior, shares his own opinions on block scheduling: “I think block scheduling is better because you have more time understanding the concepts.” Additionally, Seyed Dastgheib, a senior, said that block scheduling is more convenient for students who are enrolled in classes at the U of I, which is one major opportunity that Uni offers for its students that other high schools typically do not.

Contrary to this, some students shared reasons why block scheduling might not be so great. Junior Harsh Patel shares one such reason: “I think some classes benefit from block scheduling over others, big one: foreign language classes, you need daily practice for that, I think it’s important that those classes have daily practice but block schedule doesn’t allow that”

 Harsh Patel also shares his thoughts about the placement of Uni Period, “I personally enjoy having Uni Period at the end of the day, it’s a time when I can enjoy talking to my friends after a long day of school.” Along with that, Lukas Perdekampe, a senior, believes that clubs are better after school during Uni period because the clubs are typically smaller, and typically the people in the club are more committed.