Uni’s century celebration is coming up. Here’s what you should know

Uni High will be kicking off its Century Celebration with an Opening Convocation on Friday, October 14th.

The Celebration weekend will consist of a Sock Hop dance for alumni, a “State of the UNIon” address given by Dr. Majerus, a Gala on Saturday, and a lawn party picnic consisting of food, and games such as giant Jenga blocks.

Also as part of the Celebration, Uni will be hosting alumni Agora for the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic, with almost 100 alumni registered to speak on various career topics ranging from law to the sciences. 

There will also be various alumni speakers, with the keynote speaker being George Will. George Will is one of the most prominent Uni Alums, having pursued a career in political journalism, he writes columns in The Washington Post, and does commentary for NBC News and MSNBC

Janet Kroencke, Uni Director of Advancement, also asks for students to volunteer for the events, and to watch for coming emails in the near future containing information about volunteering

In previous years, the Anniversary Galas have been primarily for fundraising. However, Uni just finished a fundraising campaign, reaching their goal of 10 million dollars 2 and a half years early, raising 14 million dollars for the school.

Kroencke, who is in charge of planning the celebration, details the spending plans Uni High has for this money: “Our priorities are we’ve got 5 priorities… Students, faculty, equity, facilities, and future.”