Embracing childhood through music

The kind of music someone listens to can illustrate a lot about that person. In the past, I’ve felt that Disney music has had a connotation of being silly and for young children. However, the people who believe these preconceived notions are missing out on a whole new world. The pure happiness in Disney music lifts spirits like nothing else. The characters singing are joyful, forming childhood classics with their sweet voices, which create the bare necessities of life. 

One thing I associate Disney movies with is family time because I remember watching Disney movies with my brother as kids. In fact, we still watch Disney movies together occasionally. It helps us escape from the complications of reality and focus on the simple black-and-white themes presented in the movies so that we’re almost there with the characters. One of my favorites is Tangled. Tangled is a timeless classic, both engaging and relaxing to watch, with humor sprinkled throughout. We especially like watching movies like this  after we have been stressed because it helps us let it go. 

The concepts presented in the movie are relatively simple for older viewers in today’s society, and it’s likely that the viewer has already seen the movie. This makes it the ideal genre when stressed because it takes just enough brain power to watch that it still engages the viewer but doesn’t tire them out. Additionally, the feeling of being un poco loco as a young and carefree child fills your body, which is a nice contrast after a long week. 

The songs presented in these movies also enhance the experience and add magic that is like a spoonful of sugar. I find that music holds memories and emotions a lot longer than a movie does. After years of not watching a movie since one’s childhood, it can be easy to forget what happens. Movies take up to 2 hours to watch all the way through whereas songs take 2 minutes, so it can be played repeatedly, which solidifies the song in your mind better. When the songs come up in the movies, you should be prepared for it to rejuvenate you and add to the joyful feeling from your childhood. 

This feeling can continue even when you’re not watching a movie, which is why these childhood songs are so important to listen to. They can bring you joy that you forgot existed, and this is a very valuable thing. Personally, I recommend the Tarzan soundtrack. The Tarzan soundtrack has a variety of music, ranging from happy and energetic to comforting and calming. The movie Mulan also has a great soundtrack and a strong female character, paired together with a comedic sidekick dragon. All Disney movies feature their own unique flair.

Music has something there that gives it the power to influence emotions. A single note can fill you with joy, sadness, anger, regret, a need for reflection, or a complex combination of these. A song can bring back emotions and memories you forgot existed. Even if you haven’t watched a Disney movie, it’s fun to try everything and experience it for yourself. “Silly” and “childish” songs can be some of the most influential songs because they are connected to memories from one’s foundational years. It may not always be considered “cool” to listen to these songs, but it’s always worth remembering the feeling of being a child filled with pure joy. You’re welcome and good luck.