Uni students voice dissatisfaction with anchor days


Throughout the numerous surveys conducted by Uni’s SFAC representatives and teacher committees, Uni students have been consistently satisfied with the 1-3-5-7 2-4-6-8 block schedule days — and it makes sense. By allowing students more time between subsequent class periods and guaranteeing at least a full day to fully process and break down the contents of the previous class, students tend to be more organized and prepared.

However, the general student body’s opinion about the anchor day is a stark, rigid contrast. An eight-period day consisting of 45 minute classes, the day is often fraught with chaos, as the shortened time frames allotted doesn’t allow for much productive work. 

Senior Michael Li voiced the same concerns. 

According to Li, he believes that “the day could be better reserved for asynchronous work,” and infers that other classes likely “may share the same sentiment”. Freshman Luke Fahnestock agrees with this statement, stating that “anchor days this year are sub-par compared to the pandemic asynchronous days.” 

The rather recent implementation of the block schedule has been a mostly positive change. Along with the aforementioned benefits of having the odd/even day schedules, it’s been a refreshing change from a week filled with 8-period day classes. However, the anchor day could be better utilized for other purposes, such as asynchronous project work or internship opportunities.