Students thoughts of online school

When the new school year began back in August, nobody could have predicted that the last quarter would be taught completely through online school. Many people have mixed opinions about the system of learning from home. Through talking with many people some major trends of opinions have formed. On the positive side, most people really enjoy the extra free time and being able to explore more hobbies and passions while continuing to learn. In addition, many people have been able to get a healthy amount of sleep every night. Even with these positives, many people expressed negative opinions about the system. Some students are frustrated with the inconsistencies between the amount of work per class and the inconsistent grading system. In addition, some students find that sitting in front of a computer for multiple hours without a break has begun to give them more headaches and more general tiredness. Finally, the most common complaint is simply not being able to interact with other people and friends. While this is, of course, uncontrollable, many people are looking forward to when they can begin to see their friends safely. This situation is something that nobody could have predicted but it’s good to see that Uni students are making the best of it and finding ways to enjoy their time at home.