Sophomores stay connected while staying at home

Rithika Patnam , Writer

Playing card games at a class gathering may not be possible anymore due to the COVID-19 induced shelter-in-place, but this quarantine has not stopped the current sophomore class from staying connected.

In a class group chat over iMessage created early freshman year with the attempt to include everyone in the class, Sophomore Aakash Vasireddy suggested the idea of playing ‘Double Ditto’ over group FaceTime.┬áHe explained that he played the game with his family and thought it was a fun and easy large-group game for his classmates to play.

Here’s the concept of the game:

  • The host draws a card with the name of a topic. Ex. ‘Things that smell.’
  • The entire group has 15 seconds to name two things they think fall in that category that others will also say.
  • The group goes around saying the two things they wrote.
  • If someone has the same word as another person, they say ‘Ditto!’
  • If only one of your words has a match, you get one point. If both of your words are matched, you get three points.
  • Whoever has the most points in the end wins!

Throughout quarantine, the class has played three times, each with varying participation among different people! There are usually around 10-15 participants. Click the YouTube video to see a short clip of a round!