Uni Students & Staff Give Their Thoughts On A Career In Education

Career choices, especially here at Uni, are a huge, monumental decision, that students spend huge chunks of their time planning for, whether that be for what college they want to attend, what fields interest them, and more.

However, one thing that students may not think of when they are looking at possible careers is a career in Education.

In this podcast, we – Aakash Vasireddy and Kevin Chen, sophomores at Uni High – wanted to open discussion about a career in the educational field and why students might overlook teaching or education when looking at future career possibilities.

We will be covering our takes and opinion while also providing some perspectives from members of the Uni Community. We hope you enjoy and gain some insight about a career in Education.

Huge thanks to the following people for helping us out with this podcast:

  • Andrew Lin, Sophomore
  • Maher Adoni, Junior
  • Kristine Wang, Senior
  • Dr. Wilson, World History & Intro to Psychology Teacher
  • Ms. Bandy, SSO Counselor
  • Ms. Amy, SSO Counselor

Topic 1: The Importance and Complexity of Choosing A Career

In this topic, we will be including our current viewpoints about where we are right now with college decisions and thinking about our future.

Topic 2: Views on Education, Thoughts about the Career, Current State of Our Educational System, Importance of Education In Our Society, and Current Status of Teacher

In this topic, we cover our thoughts about the educational field in general, as well as the importance of teachers and education in society.

Topic 3: Have we personally considered teaching ever? What reasons do you think we have or have not?

In this topic, we will be asking ourselves if we have ever considered teaching before and why we think we have thought about teaching or shied away from teaching.

Topic 4: Why do we think students like us don’t consider educational fields or rarely see someone go into or express interest in the educational fields?

In this topic, we will be getting to an essential point of this podcast, which is what draws the student and general population away from teaching? Do we will feel like the student and general population actually consider teaching at all?

Topic 5: Should teaching (or the educational field) be considered more by students? What must it take for students to consider the teaching field more considerably?

In this topic, we look to discuss whether more students need to go into teaching and what it must take for students to consider the teaching field with more interest.

Topic 6: Our personal experiences with teaching or volunteering

In this final topic, we wanted to include some of our own experiences with teaching or volunteering because at the end of the day, teaching really is a civil service, and if you find yourself liking those sort of volunteer jobs, then teaching may be something you consider.