Short Stories Part 1: Drilling Noises With No Apparent Cause

A few weeks ago, Serenity Lilly’s German class heard a drilling noise emanating from the walls around the German room on the third floor. According to Lilly, the noise lasted for just under a minute and came from the walls northwest of the room. It sounded like something generated by a construction crew, but no construction workers were nearby.

In the absence of an easy explanation, some students speculated that the sounds were caused by an asbestos mitigation project (though nobody’s currently working on asbestos mitigation in the building, as far as we know). Students still have not received an official explanation for the noises.

This Wednesday, I heard a similar sound during fourth period in room 205 (the French room). It sounded like a cheap, small power drill — the type you’d find in the North Attic — and lasted for just a few seconds, seeming to come from the hallway.

Mike Adams had not heard of the problem and doesn’t know what might be causing it. In the meantime, if you hear power tool sounds coming from the walls for no obvious reasons, speculate all you want — and see if you can find where exactly they’re coming from.