Uni students’ love of music varies

 Walking down a bustling Uni hallway, an ever prevalent use of headphones can be seen, much to the displeasure of Student Director Karl Radnitzer who can be heard saying “only one ear” during passing period. Most, if not all people listen to music in some way or another and the question this presents is; why?

Freshman Yeowoon Jung said that she listens to music because it helps her relieve stress and provides a form of entertainment. “Music really helps me get in the zone and relieves upcoming pressure for a sporting event,” Jung says. As a tennis player, “I face some pressure because it’s an individual sport and music provides a distraction for me.” A fan of R&B, her opinion on music’s movement toward electronic production in indifferent.

Chris Butler is a sophomore history teacher here at Uni and is known for his in-class slideshows. Accompanying the slides is background music, which he handpicks for each discussed topic.

“Music provides a mood for my presentations. I think it’s a way for the student to really connect with the material I’m teaching, and the audiovisual factor helps with attention,” says Butler.

“I would religiously listen to music about twenty years ago… I loved the Grateful Dead.  Butler says he finds modern music “bland” and “unoriginal”, ‘failing to invoke any sort of feeling.’

Senior Grace Sumitro agrees, saying “a lot of songs sound the same now”.

Image result for zachary donniniSophomore Zachary Donnini, however, doesn’t feel the same way. “I actually enjoy the music being put out,” he says. “I’m more of a fan of the lyrics and what the artist is rapping about rather than the music accompanied with the vocals.” Donnini is a fan of the deceased XXXTentacion and current rapper Denzel Curry.