Is cleanliness important to Uni?

Students constantly complain about fruit flies, how messy Uni is and ask why Uni doesn’t have a janitor. These questions were answered on November 11th when a message from Karl Radnitzer was passed on through the student council minutes that “When they (the school)  try to invite people to help clean the building people are sometimes unwilling because we leave a lot of things lying around”.

Lunch is a big problem at Uni because students are pretty messy. Sophomore Ethan Simpson Palmer says he doesn’t feel safe sitting on the ground anymore because he’s seen the stuff that falls there and been stepped in, and he’d rather not get it on his pants. The filthiness of this school has led Ethan to believe that this school doesn’t own a mop.

When Ethan found out that the people who normally clean our school no longer want to clean, he was irritated. He believes they should embrace their jobs since they signed up for it.

Meanwhile, Sophomore Blessing Omoniyi says the only thing he has a problem with is the fruit flies. He doesn’t care what the second floor looks like. When asked why they don’t care about the cleanliness of our school, Omoniyi says the school looks like his room, and as long as he can find his stuff, it’s okay.

Simpson-Palmer cares, but as not much as he cares about the cleanliness of his house. He also believes it’s everyone’s fault. “It’s Uni’s fault for not owning a mop. It’s the janitor’s fault for just emptying the trash and not completing their job. And, it’s the students’ fault for not picking up their trash.”

According to Dr. Radnitzer and many other sources, Uni’s cleanliness problems could be solved if people just picked up their stuff, which isn’t that hard. Many seem to believe that, if kids just took the extra step, Uni would be much better.