Ending the school year with X-week

X-week is week that is set aside every year in May to encourage students to become more involved in their community and raise money to donate to a predetermined charity. This year, X-week will take place during the week of April 30. All proceeds will go to the Boys and Girls club, which aims to guide young kids towards graduating high school, finding a good career, and being a good citizen. Student Council met April 19 and 16 to discuss events for x-week. According to student council executive president Mallika Luthar, these are the tentative plans that student council has discussed so far:

  • On Monday during Uni Period, there will be a recital with charged admission where Uni students can show off their musical talents
  • On Wednesday during Lunch, there will be a Taste of Uni food sale, and a food packaging event done by food pantry during Uni Period
  • On Thursday will be Uni’s annual Big Show, featuring a series of student-directed and produced comedic skits
  • On Friday, there will be a silent auction before the second performance of Big Show

Throughout the week, there will be boxes in the hallways for each class to donate cash directly to the boys and girls club. The class that raises the most money will receive baked goods. To keep students aware and excited about x-week, there will also be dress up days throughout the week:

  • Monday: Pajama day
  • Tuesday: twin day
  • Wednesday: blackout day
  • Thursday: beach day
  • Friday: character day

Help support this cause and make a positive impact in our community by taking part in these events next week!