Prospective subbies visiting May 1

On Tuesday, May 1, prospective students will be visiting Uni to help them make a decision about whether or not to come to Uni as a subfreshman for the 2018-2019 year. Students applied to Uni sometime in February and, throughout the week of April 23-27, applicants have been receiving letters informing them whether or not they have been accepted.

Prospective day will give students an idea of whether they like Uni’s atmosphere, including the sports and classes offered to them. For a majority of these students, this day is one of many factors that influence a student’s decision about if they want to come to Uni or not.

“During prospective day, I want to see how Uni runs and what it would be like to actually go there” commented Wesley Lu, a potential subbie, when asked about what he would like to see on prospective day. “I am hoping that I will see many students who will help guide my decision about Uni,” stated Lu.

When another student, Emma Donnini, was asked about prospective day, she said that she “would like to see what the classes are like and get an understanding of what it will be like next year.” According to Donnini, she has already made her decision but will use prospective day to give her a better idea of what Uni is like as a whole.

Prospective day is being planned by Uni’s student council and Kristi Bandy, Uni’s counselor and leader of the Subbie Buddy program. When asked about how the day will proceed for prospective students, Bandy explains that they will be dropped off at Uni Gym around 8:15 to avoid regular Uni traffic. The current subbies will be going to Kenney as per their usual schedule so the Subbie Buddies will do icebreakers with the students as they arrive and around 8:30 administration will make announcements and introductions.

Once the announcements are over, Subbie Buddies will return to school for second hour while prospective students “walk over to Kenney, meet with Mr. Bicknell, see the weight room and the track, talk a little about P.E. and sports, how to become involved with sports, and see a class in action” described Bandy. Afterwards, the prospective students will meet up with the current subbies in Uni and follow them around to experience seven different classes, each class for a short amount of time.  

“We wanted to give them a variety so it [Uni] doesn’t just look like a STEM school” explains Bandy.

The prospective students will end their visitation with a panel at Uni Gym made of five student council members, one representative from each grade. At this time, prospective students will be given the opportunity to ask questions about anything regarding Uni. While the panel happens during lunch time, the prospective students will not be provided with lunch so they will be returning to their school for lunch when the panel is over.

While the events of prospective day seem like it has no impact on upperclassmen students, the prospective students would feel more welcome if other Uni students behaved respectfully towards the prospective students.