Students share ways they get through Finals

With finals underway, Uni students are becoming increasingly stressed. Find out how students deal with their stress and what they look forward to doing after the semester is over.

Sophomore Henry D’Angelo says:

“I don’t really have much time to ‘de-stress’, but when I do, I like looking at shoes. It’s really satisfying. (…) I also try and eliminate distractions so I go off social media.”

“I like playing video games when I’m stressed, but honestly it just leads to more procrastination” says Junior Asante Woods.

To senior Sophia Ebel, de-stressing is simple.

“I just eat foods I like when I’m stressed. I don’t have time to actually do something to deal with stress, but I’m excited to start learning languages again during my free time.”

“I don’t destress, I just deal with it.” says freshman Elliot Gengler.

Senior Darshan Naidu was an anomaly:

“I’m not really stressed, I haven’t been stressed all semester. I only have a few finals and final project.”

Chloe Pollock-Muskin is excited for the end of the semester:

“I study to destress, it helps me feel more accomplished. When this semester is over I want to do stuff like learn to skateboard.”