StudCo votes to disband Coding Club

In a rare occurrence for Student Council, representatives voted to disband Coding Club. This vote came after weeks of discussion between Coding Club, Girls Who Code, teachers, students, and Student Council.

The October 5 meeting was structured as a discussion that was open to all students. Many students came to discuss and watch the meeting. Students deliberated the merits of Coding Club, as well as whether or not there was any significant difference between the two clubs.

Girls Who Code leaders, as well as many students, expressed concern that an additional club for coding could lead to the formation of an all boys club and an all girls club.

Yichen Yao, one of Girls Who Code’s leaders, was worried about students’ sexist remarks, like how they were “glad that coding club exists so they can do real coding.”

The subfreshman leader of the Coding Club, Andy Tang, hoped that his club would not be disbanded. He thought that the curriculum of his club was different enough. Other students echoed similar thoughts. Tang also expressed willingness to change his curriculum in order to keep the uniqueness of Girls Who Code and hoped to collaborate with Girls Who Code, as well.

After the floor was closed, Student Council representatives held a private vote, leading to the disbanding of the Coding Club.

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