Uni students explore college options through concurrent enrollment

Through the Uni High Concurrent Enrollment Program, students aged 16 or older with a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or above can register to take undergraduate-level courses at the U of I. Registration for the fall 2017 semester is now closed; but don’t worry: you’ll have the opportunity to request classes for the spring semester in November. Be on the lookout for the Student Services Office’s notification that Spring applications are available, as well as their information regarding how to choose a class that coordinates with your Uni High class schedule, and what paperwork you will need to fill out in order to apply.

In the 2017 spring semester, 30 Uni High students took U of I classes ranging from economics to philosophy, says Dr. Radnitzer. He has noticed that, over the past several years, students have chosen increasingly diversified and specialized classes rather than selecting general education courses they want to get out of the way before starting college. Some of the favorite class picks for Uni students have been computer science, economics, and linguistics. Dr. Radnitzer encourages students to pursue this opportunity, with the request that they keep their Uni teachers informed of their schedules, especially if a student intends to drop a Uni class in favor of a U of I class. Additionally, students should remember that their U of I class will show up on their permanent college transcript. “You can walk into your freshman year of college with a semester of courses under your belt,” Dr. Radnitzer intones, “That’s a pretty good deal.”