Bio Club Guppies

You probably haven’t missed the two large aquarium tanks in the library, but if you have or don’t know the reason for why they’re there, Bio Club’s newest project in genetics has been to create an illini colored guppy. They began with two males and two females of different colors, red and blue, and with the help of Mr. Stone their goal is to breed an illini colored guppy. They estimate that they will have their orange and blue guppys by the beginning of next semester.

They decided to breed guppies because of their relatively fast breeding, and exciting colors. They chose to set up the aquarium in the library to add more of a serene environment, as watching fish can make you calm. The funds for the guppies came from a recent bake sale bio club did.

Leader Harmen Alleyne will take care of guppies over the summer so expect to see them next year. According to Bio Club this is  their first breeding projects of many, saying that they are trying to replicate Mr. Stone’s youth of breeding hamsters. If you are interested in feeding the guppies or cleaning their tanks, make sure to ask one of the Bio Club leaders: Nathalie Stein, Ana Rosu, and Harmen Alleyne.