An interview with the Prom King on prom, sports, and the future of gender neutrality at Uni.

Smita Nair

April 28, 2018

Umar Hanif planned his succession to the prom throne. Upon asking whether he planned to be king, I am met with a confident “yes” and sheepish laughter. He explains to me further, “The way I see it, this isn’t somethin...

Uni students weigh in on the 4/20 walkout

Isabela Lleras

April 27, 2018

2018’s national school walkout, said to take place on April 20, students from across the country, including from our own Uni High, left their classes to march for better gun control and to remind people that students’ opinion...

Is Uni a welcoming place to discuss eating and body issues?

Anya Kaplan-Hartnett, Writer

April 27, 2018

American culture has a fascination with thinness. In 2010, 54% of Americans claimed that they were currently on a diet. This obsession with restrictive eating and a never-ending desire to be thinner has dramatic effects on young p...

Students create public poetry projects

Umar Hanif, Writer

April 27, 2018

For their semester final, students in Dr. Elizabeth Majerus’ Poetry class were assigned a public poetry project, which is defined as “any large-scale effort to bring a particular public to a greater awareness of poetry or ...

Oklahoma! musical sold out for all performances

Saahithi Maturi

April 16, 2018

This year, the annual Uni spring musical was Oklahoma! which had showings Wednesday through Saturday. The tickets were gone quickly and each performance sold out. The musical is about “Oklahoma before it’s a state and just...

Uni High dance update: Uni dances toward the end of the school year

Elisha Ham and May Yang

April 9, 2018

Flower Hours The “Flower Hours” dance will be held on Friday, April 13 at Papa Del’s in Champaign. The dance is not Uni affiliated and will last from 9 p.m. to 12 a.m. Flower Hour was planned by sophomore Neha Aluru and freshman Mah...

Big Show Writing Workshops

Katie Carrubba and Nika Cooper

April 9, 2018

  Big Show Writing Workshops are now on Wednesday Uni Periods at the Writing Center in room 106S. The directors continue to encourage students of all ages to attend, participate, and submit sketches to Big Show. Big Sh...

MAS open mic night: discussing the reality of the Rohingya crisis

Nusayb Mansury, Staff Writer

April 9, 2018

Last Thursday, Muslim American Society Urbana-Champaign (MASUC) hosted an open mic night for Hearts4Humanity, a campaign raising money for the Rohingya victims of mass genocide. MASUC hosted the event in the basement of th...

Student group continues planning 4/20 walkout

Anya Kaplan-Hartnett, Faizah Rauther, and Kristine Wang

April 5, 2018

On March 14, more than 300 Uni students walked out of class to hold 17 minutes of silence in remembrance of the 17 victims of the shooting at MDS High School in Parkland, Florida. The walkout on March 14 was great, but there...

Students walk out in memory of Florida shooting

Nathalie Stein, Editor

March 15, 2018

At 10 AM on Wednesday, nearly the entire student body walked out of school and onto Uni’s courtyard to mourn the lives of the seventeen people killed in the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting, which occurred...

Student who sent 100th lost email speaks out

Maher Adoni, Staff Writer

March 15, 2018

Everyday, countless numbers of lost emails hit the inboxes of Uni students. Students have seen them all: some are trying a bit too hard to be funny, sometimes they’re straightforward, and maybe they’re even a bit worried. W...

Uni High Governing Board seeks to define itself and prioritize student voices

Nathalie Stein and Abraham Han

March 15, 2018

When the strategic vision task report was released in the spring of 2017, many Uni students felt it failed to adequately include the voices of current students. But the newly-formed governing board is focused on prioritizing the ...