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Students and teachers take issue with aspects of task force report

Umar Hanif, Martin Dalling, and Maya Greer

April 17, 2017

Filed under Features, News

Throughout the past week, Uni students and faculty alike have responded to the recently released Strategic Task Force Final Report. The report, which outlined various recommendations for Uni in terms of its academic affairs a...

Summary on the Strategic Vision Task Force Final Report

Umar Hanif, Writer

April 8, 2017

Filed under Features, News, Showcase Carousel

On Friday, Director Jeffrey Walkington sent an e-mail to all students and faculty linking the final report of the Strategic Vision Task Force. The report was a result of work over the past year by “a wide constituency of re...

Uni hosts first-ever Alumni Agora

Anika Kimme

March 31, 2017

Filed under Alumni, News

On Thursday, April 6th Uni will be hosting its first ever Alumni Agora. Alumni will come and “hold classes for Uni students in order for them to talk about what they did after high school, where they went from here,” says Ch...

Reporting bullying is difficult but necessary process

Maya Greer

March 29, 2017

Filed under Features, News

A survey taken at Uni in an independent study showed that out of 127 responses, approximately 12.6% claim that they have been victims of sexual harassment at Uni specifically, and 37% say that they have witnessed sexual harassmen...

Uni survey reveals parental pressure is not that bad

Anika Kimme

March 28, 2017

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In a recent survey, 65% of surveyed Uni students indicated that their parents do not put too much pressure on them but 60% of surveyed students also said that their parents have pressured them to come to school even though they...

The attics get new chairs

Grace Qiu

March 9, 2017

Filed under Arts and Entertainment, News

New chairs will be arriving in the North and South Attic sometime in the near future to replace the old chairs which are used during orchestra, chorus, and performances. On Tuesday Feb. 7, Richard Murphy, Chris “Fing” Gu...

Uni to host first-ever Alumni Week in April

Umar Hanif, Writer

February 28, 2017

Filed under Alumni, News

April 6 will mark the start of Uni’s first Alumni Reunion Week. According to Assistant Director of Advancement Joshua Hall, the event will encompass all of the reunions of Uni classes that would otherwise happen earlier or lat...

Buck’s revision policy revoked

Anika Kimme

February 15, 2017

Filed under News

Recently, Junior Elizabeth Singer created a petition to bring back math teacher Warren Buck’s revision policy. Students learned that the revision policy was no longer in place two weeks ago. Buck declined to answer why his policy was taken away. Buck’s revision policy allowed student...

Agora Days 2017

Grace Qiu

February 14, 2017

Filed under News

Agora Days is approaching (Feb. 21-24) and there are a few differences in this upcoming Uni High tradition. One of the biggest additions this year is the new cultural awareness (CA) class category which was requested by the Mult...