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Should the voting age be lowered?

Umar Hanif and Mallika Luthar

October 25

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With an impending election, Umar Hanif and Mallika Luthar weigh the pros and cons of lowering the voting age.    

Cheating at Uni: Sophomore history scandal

Jazmin Tweedle, Martin Dalling, Chloe Pollock-Muskin, Sarah Zhang, and Nathalie Stein

May 15

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On April 29, sophomores in Modern History and juniors/seniors in World Since 1945 were required to take a “day of silence.” Chris Butler, who has been a history teacher at Uni for 38 years, found out that several students...

Uni’s lack of socioeconomic diversity is a problem

Nora Benmamoun

January 9

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I’ve started to realize that money can often buy knowledge. Money can buy a lot. It can buy nice cars, fancy clothes, healthy foods, country club memberships, international vacations and a multitude of objects that people with...